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SUMMER PROGRAM 2020 IS HERE! 2020聯國學校暑期課程資料出爐啦!

Give your children a fruitful and memorable summer by enrolling them in the summer program offered by the Centre for Continuing Education at the School of the Nations(SON)! The 4-week summer program provides students an excellent opportunity to learn with peers in a variety of classes and activities, designed and led by experienced SON teachers and staff members.

Students entering:

> P1 to P6 will engage in daily activities with a focus on English language in an interactive environment that will allow them to explore their interests.

> F1 to F4 will choose from a wide range of courses that fit their needs and interests as well as your family’s schedule. This is a great opportunity for students to develop new skills and make new friends.

Registration is open to all students whether enrolled at SON or other schools, who will be

attending P1 to F4 in September 2020.

We look forward to welcoming your children who will come away from this program with valuable skills and memories.


> 於今年九月入讀小學一至六年級的學生會在此課程中透過每日之互動英語課堂提升學生之英語 水平,並參與各類型餘暇活動,讓學生探索及建立興趣。

> 為升讀中一至中四年級的學生,我們提供多種課程及靈活的上課時間表以符合學生的需求、興趣、及其他課外的安排,讓學生發展潛能和結交新朋友的寶貴機會。




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